Jonathan Langton

The next “edition” in my Islamic Finance experience

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Working with the Center for Islamic Economics and Finance should soon lead to my co-authoring a book on Islamic Economics and Finance.

The last few months have been quite occupied with completing the transcriptions from the symposium on the subject, held by the Centre at the highly regarded IE Business School.  The work was well received and, it seems, beyond expectations.  It was not always easy listening repeatedly to the same dialogue, however I am now completely conversant with the entire contents of the conference.

It has been decided not to publish the transcriptions as they are, since it could prove problematic to get the approval of all the contributors.  Instead a rather more ambitious project is envisaged, which will be  a professionally published book on the subject, based on the discussions of the symposium.  The new director of the CIEF and the Director of the Center for Diversity have asked me to be involved in writing this book.

It is hoped to publish, in transcription, the very interesting opening discussion which has relatively few, yet highly distinguished speakers, as well as to include summaries of the other sessions of the conference.  In addition to this, to broaden the appeal of the publication, two case studies are planned, on which work has already begun.  The subjects of the case studies are likely to be the high-profile issuance of an “Islamic bond” (sukuk) by a major international corporation and the establishment of a division dedicated to Islamic financial services within an international banking corporation.

Ringing in my ears is the advice of Prof. Bartolome, who liked my writing, that I really ought to find some way to exploit that ability.  Perhaps this is it.

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