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Accepted Knowledge

I was quite familiar with this explanation and accepted it until our thermofluids professor pointed out some of the problems with it.  It is more complicated.

This comic reminds me of recent dealings with some experts and professionals whose job it is to impart their knowledge.

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From Windows to Linux in Just 2 Days!

It may sound remarkable, but it is (almost) completely true.  I have essentially been converted from one operating system to the other in the space of just two days, notwithstanding some tinkering that I am working through to get things just the way I would like them. Continue reading

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Is a Smoking Ban a Sign of Modern Spain?

On the 21st December 2010 the “Nueva Ley Anti-tabaco”, or New Anti-tobacco Law, Ley 42/2010, finally passed through both houses of parliament in Spain to become a law which would come into force just 12 days later on the 2nd January, 2011.  And not before time.  It may surprise many to discover that there is already anti-smoking legislation in place in Spain, Ley 28/2005, which the new legislation modifies.  The modification is necessary since the original law is so riddled with exemptions, exceptions and loopholes that the law has had little or no impact. Continue reading