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Conferences, Congresses and Projects Winding Down

For the first time in quite a long while not every spare moment is being over-shadowed by the knowledge that I really ought to be working on some side project or other.

One such project has been the book on Islamic finance that I have been working on following my brief time working at the Center of Islamic Economics and Finance at IE Business School.  The manuscript for that book was submitted to the publishers some time ago and I am now waiting to receive their proofs and corrections before printing goes ahead.  The book, now available for pr-order, should be available in December.

The other side project which has occupied a lot of time has been the teaching case that we have been developing with GE.  Based on their landmark sukuk issuance of 2009, it was originally intended to be part of the Islamic finance book, however it is still being developed as case study for IE courses that teach Islamic finance.  At the end of May we travelled to New York and then up to GE Capital headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, to interview some of the main people involved in the deal, including Kathryn Cassidy, Corporate Treasury Senior Vice President, and Christopher Coffey, Managing Director of Long-Term Funding.  The final draft of the case was submitted to GE for their approval this week and we hope that this will be a useful and interesting teaching case.  In September it will also be developed as a multimedia case study.

I was recently fortunate enough to go to Lisbon to represent IE Business School’s E-learning Department at the AACE, Ed-Media 2011, World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia & Telecommunications.  There I made a presentation about the results of some analysis we have performed on IE’s database on the use of multimedia documentation in courses over the last ten years.

Finally, I recently had the opportunity to attend a congress for salsa in Bilbao this month, at which I was invited, with my partner, to teach a workshop on bachatango.  The workshop had at least forty participants and was given in Spanish.  It was very well received and at the end of the class several participants came forward to ask if we knew of any professors of bachatango in the area; a good sign indeed.

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Plan de Marketing – UPDATE

I successfully completed the online course “Plan de marketing como una herramienta estrategica” and I was pleased with my ability to cope with it in Spanish.  I was able to interact with my Spanish classmates reasonably well in the forums, even if I could not equal their desire to write pages and pages in every post!  However, logging-in each evening to see 150 unread postings, I suspect my colleagues probably appreciated my brevity.  I found that I understood quite satisfactorily the videoconferences, which was my main concern.  I do not have any direct feedback from the professor about the 10 page marketing plan I wrote entirely in Spanish (that must be some kind of milestone), but the exercise taught me a lot of new phrases and vocabulary, not just limited to marketing.

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Speaking Quickly

Working on the transcription of the proceedings of the symposium on Islamic finance has raised some challenges and an interesting observation related to the speed at which people speak.

Every person has a tendency to speak more quickly or slowly than another, and even for a given person the rate at which they speak is not a constant.  This much can be determined anecdotally from one’s daily interactions.  However when trying to compare different languages a quick internet search reveals there are many complications with measuring this. Continue reading

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Plan de marketing como herramienta estratégica

As part of my introduction to the E-Learing department at IE Business School is to undertake an online Executive Education course, both for my professional development and to experience how these courses are organised. The title of this post is the course that I have chosen, “The Marketing Plan as a Strategic Tool”. The course will take place in September and, as you can see, it is in Spanish, which I have chosen as an opportunity to challenge myself with the language.